Treating Foot Problems with Precision and Care

Welcome to the distinguished Apollo Hospital in Chennai, where your foot health is in the hands of a renowned expert. Dr. Premkumar, our esteemed podiatrist, brings his exceptional skill, experience, and dedication to the forefront of foot care. At Apollo Hospital, you’ll receive the highest quality of care and personalized solutions to ensure your feet remain healthy, pain-free, and ready to carry you through life.

Meet Our Expert Podiatrist: Dr. Premkumar : Dr. Premkumar is a highly regarded name in the field of podiatry. With a remarkable blend of expertise and compassion, Dr. Premkumar is committed to providing top-notch foot care tailored to your unique needs. His in-depth understanding of foot health, coupled with his patient-centered approach, makes him your trusted partner on the journey to optimal well-being.

Our Comprehensive Services:

Foot Pain Management: If foot pain is impeding your daily activities, Dr. Premkumar employs a meticulous approach to diagnose and treat a wide range of foot conditions, ensuring lasting relief.

Sports Podiatry: Active individuals and athletes benefit from Dr. Premkumar’s expertise in sports-related foot issues, helping you recover and excel in your chosen activities.

Custom Orthotics and Insoles: Dr. Premkumar specializes in crafting custom orthotics and insoles, providing the support and alignment your feet need for enhanced comfort and mobility.

Diabetic Foot Care: With a keen understanding of diabetes-related foot concerns, Dr. Premkumar offers specialized diabetic foot care to prevent complications and maintain foot health.

Foot and Ankle Injury Management: From fractures to sprains, Dr. Premkumar excels in managing foot and ankle injuries, utilizing advanced techniques to facilitate swift recovery.

Why Choose Dr. Premkumar at Apollo Hospital:

Unparalleled Expertise: Dr. Premkumar’s extensive experience and proficiency in podiatry ensure you receive the highest standard of foot care.

Personalized Care: Your unique needs matter. Dr. Premkumar collaborates closely with you to design individualized treatment plans aligned with your goals.

Cutting-Edge Techniques: Staying current with the latest advancements, Dr. Premkumar employs state-of-the-art techniques to deliver effective and innovative treatments.

Patient-Centric Focus: Your comfort and well-being are paramount. Apollo Hospital’s welcoming environment, coupled with Dr. Premkumar’s compassionate care, ensures a positive experience.

Experience the pinnacle of podiatric care with Dr. Premkumar at Apollo Hospital, Chennai. Your foot health is our priority, and we’re dedicated to helping you step confidently into a healthier future.

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